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Mr Spike-Real Name-Sensitivity-PUBG ID KD Stats-Device-Earning and more

Mr. Spike popularly known as Nitish Reddy is a popular Indian PUBG mobile gamer.  He is the owner of the YouTube channel Mr. Spike. On his channel, he uploads gaming highlights and streams of  PUBG Mobile. He is one of the biggest steamers and competitive eSports players around. He is PMCO Regional Finalist. He loves tactical games. What Is Mr. Spike Pubg ID? The character ID of Mr. Spike PUBG Mobile account is  5162749076 . MR. SPIKE NEW PUBG ID [ KING Cobra ] ID_5134952839 His favorite gun is a  vector . Mr spike began his career by uploading his gameplay videos on his YouTube channel. He Joined Youtube Channel on 1 Feb 2019. How Many Subscribers Does Mr. Spike Have?  Mr. Spike has around 4 Lakh Subscribers.   His Youtube channel link :- What is Mr. Spike Monthly Earnings? His channel has more than 4 lakh active subscribers . He has got more than 3 lakh views on each live stream video. He earns a monthl